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DATAKOM DPR-350 Network Analyzer with Multifunctional Protection Relay, 19-150VDC power supply

* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive

DPR-350 is a state of the art network analyzer and directional protection relay in 96x96mm standard panel dimensions.
The large graphic screen allows simultaneous display of multiple measurements.
The DPR-350 features dual current measurement circuits. It is both a precise analyzer and a 25Amp protection relay.
Protection curves are selected between various IEC, ANSI, UK and US types. Multiple curves may be enabled simultaneously.
Through RS-485 comport, the unit is easily connected to Scada and automation systems. Parameter adjustment is done through USB port.
The unit records all electrical parameters with adjustable period in its 1MB record memory (optional 16MB). Records are read through Modbus.
The unit offers 4 digital inputs, 3 analog outputs and 2 relay outputs. Analog outputs can give any measured parameter in 4-20mA format.

• 128x64 pixel graphic screen
• Accurate MV power analyzer (Class 0.5%)
• 4 quadrant energy counters
• Multiple protection curves
• 1MB record memory
• Cold reclosure
• Multiple languages
• All parameters front panel adjustable
• 3 level password protection
• Setup through USB and RS-485
• Free PC program for setup
• Manual & Scada closing and opening
• Firmware upgrade through USB

• USB 2.0 PC connection
• RS-485 (isolated) 2400-115200 baud
• Modbus RTU
• IEC60870-5-103 communication protocol

Record Memory :
• 35 x event records with time stamp
• 15.000 x periodic records with time stamp
• Adjustable record period
• Total 1MB record memory

• Phase voltages: V1-V2-V3-U12-U23-U31
• Phase currents: I1-I2-I3-Inötr-Ignd
• Active power: P1-P2-P3-∑P
• Reactive power: Q1-Q2-Q3-∑Q
• Apparent power: S1-S2-S3-∑S
• Power factor: cos1-cos2-cos3-∑cos
• Frequency: F
• Negative sequence currents and voltages
• Zero sequence currents and voltages
• T32Q value

Protection curves:
• IEC Standard / Very /  Extreme Inverse
• UK Long Term Inverse
• IEEE Medium / Very / Extreme Inverse
• US Normal Inverse, Short Time Inverse


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive