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DATAKOM D-700-TFT-SYNC Genset Сontroller. Synchronizing Version

* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive

The DATAKOM D-700-TFT-SYNC is a next generation synchronizing genset controller combining multi-functionality and wide communication capabilities together with a reliable and low cost design.
The unit offers auto-genset learning capability, a first in the industry.
The multi-functionality of the unit allows it to be a genset or mains synchronizer, even a parallel to mains controller with soft transfer in both directions.

Ethernet port (10/100Mb)                                            
Internal GPRS modem (optional)                                
Embedded web server                                                
Web monitoring                                                          
Web programming                                                      
Central Monitoring through internet                              
Modbus RTU through RS-485                                    
SMS message sending                                                
E-mail sending
Free PC software: Rainbow Plus
Free Central Monitoring (2 years)
Modbus TCP/IP
USB Host
USB Device
RS-485 port, adjustable baud rate
Micro SD card slot

Multi genset synch and load share
Mains synchronization
Single genset parallel with mains
AMF unit with uninterrupted transfer
ATS unit with uninterrupted transfer
Remote start controller
Manual start controller
Engine controller
Remote display & control unit

3 phases 4 wires, star
3 phases 4 wires, delta
3 phases 3 wires, delta, 3 CTs
3 phases 3 wires, delta, 2 CTs (L1-L2)
3 phases 3 wires, delta,2 CTs (L1-L3)
2 phases 3 wires, L1-L2
2 phases 3 wires, L1-L3
1 phase 2 wires

Alternator voltage: 0 to 300 V-AC (Ph-N)
Alternator frequency: 0-600 Hz.
Mains (Busbar) voltage: 0 to 300 V-AC (Ph-N)
Mains (Busbar) frequency: 0-600 Hz.
Topology: 1-2-3 phases, with or without neutral
DC Supply Range: 8.0 to 36.0 V-DC.
DC power consumption:
- 300 mA-DC typical @12V-DC
- 150 mA-DC typical @24V-DC
- 600 mA-DC max. @12V-DC
- 300 mA-DC max. @24V-DC
V-A-cos Accuracy: 0.5% + 1 digit
KW-kVA-kVAr Accuracy: 1.0% + 1 digit
CT Range: 5/5A to 5000/5A
VT Range: 0.1/1 to 6500 / 1
kW Range: 0.1kW to 65000 kW
Current Inputs: from current transformers. ../5A.
Digital inputs: input voltage 0 to 36 V-DC.
Analog input range: 0-5000 ohms.
Digital Outputs: Protected mosfet semiconductor outputs, rated 1Amp@28V-DC
Cranking dropouts: survives 0V for 100ms.
Magnetic pickup voltage: 0.5 to 30VAC.
Magnetic pickup frequency: 0 to 10000 Hz.
GOV Control Output: 0-10V-DC
AVR Control Output: ±3V-DC, fully isolated
Charge Alternator Excitation: 2W.
Display Screen:
- B/W versions: 2.9”, 128x64 pixels
- TFT versions: 4.3”, 480x272 pixels
Ethernet Port: 10/100 Mbits
USB Device: USB 2.0 Full speed
USB Host: USB 2.0 Full speed
RS-485 Port: selectable baud rate
RS-232 Port: selectable baud rate
Data Link Port: Fully Isolated CANBUS
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4 to +158 °F)
Storage temperature: -40°C to 80°C (-40 to +176°F)
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing.
IP Protection: IP54 from front panel, IP30 from the rear.
Dimensions: 243 x 183 x 47mm (WxHxD)
Panel Cut-out Dimensions: 216 x 156 mm minimum.
Weight: 700 g (approx.)
Case Material: High Temperature, non-flammable ABS/PC
Mounting: Front panel mounted with rear retaining plastic brackets.
EU Directives Conformity:
-2006/95/EC (low voltage)
-2004/108/EC (electro-magnetic compatibility)
Norms of reference:
- EN 61010 (safety requirements)
- EN 61326 (EMC requirements)
UL / CSA Conformity:
-UL 6200, Controls for Stationary Engine Driven Assemblies (Certificate # - 20140725-E314374)
CSA Compatibility:
-CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 14-13 – Industrial Control Equipment


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive