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DATAKOM DKG-253 Generator engine governor controller for actuators

* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive

The DKG-253 is a low cost electronic governor control unit designed to control the engine speed with fast and accurate response to load changes. The unit is housed in a metallic chassis and consists of a single enamel coated printed circuit board for reliable operation in harsh automotive environment.

The unit features an adjustable internal overspeed alarm relay with indicating led. This relay provides supplementary speed protection in case of speed control failure.

The DKG-253 connects to a forward acting proportional electric actuator and a magnetic speed sensor. It  is able to control a wide variety of engines in constant speed (isochronous) or droop modes.

An external speed trim potentiometer may be connected to the unit to adjust the engine speed from a remote location.

The unit is capable to deliver actuator currents as high as 10 Amps. However the output current limiting circuit will protect the unit against output short circuits.

Protection against reverse battery connection and transient voltages are provided.

12 and 24V operation
Capable of governing various engines
Forward acting actuator output
Fast and accurate response
Starting fuel adjustment
Speed ramp adjustment
Overspeed alarm output
Adjustable rated and idle speeds
Isochronous and droop operation
Gain and stability adjustments
External speed adjustment capability
Synchronizing and load sharing input
Switchmode output circuit
10 Amps continuous current output
Speed sensor failure detection
Battery reverse voltage protection
Output short circuit protection
Rugged design
Enamel protected electronic circuit.

DC Supply Range: 10.0 to 33.0 V-DC
Current consumption: 100mA max (actuator not connected)
Speed input range: 500 Hz to 8000 Hz.
Speed signal amplitude: 1 to 35VAC-RMS
Speed signal input impedance: 10 K- ohms
External speed trim:
     5 K-ohms trimpot between terminals G and J
External speed trim range: ± 6% min @3000Hz
Auxiliary input (terminal N):
    Input voltage range: 0 to 10VDC
    Input impedance: 1M ohms.
    Adjustment range: ±25% min @3000 Hz
Steady state speed accuracy: ±0.25%
Droop adjustment range: 1 to 5% minimum
Actuator output: 10 Amps continuous max
Overspeed alarm relay output: 10 Amps @ 28VDC
Alarm reset input: 0 to 40VDC.
DC supply output: 10 volts DC, 20mA max
Operating temp.: -20°C (-4°F) to 70 °C (158°F).
Storage temp.: -30°C (-22°F) to 80 °C (176°F).
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing.
Dimensions: 130 x 110 x 27 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 350 g (approx.)
Mounting: any position, vertical preferred


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive