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DATAKOM DKG-379-POWER-MPU Advanced DC generator controller, 7A actuator output

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The DATAKOM DKG-379 is an advanced DC genset controller for both variable and fixed speed systems. It is presented in 3 different versions, as ANALOG DRIVE, POWER DRIVE and CANBUS DRIVE.
The controller has a precision PID loop providing exact matching of the optimal charging characteristics, as well as overvoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, overheat protections.
The POWER DRIVE version provides a 7 Amp - DC output, interfacing directly to the engine actuator or alternator excitation winding without the need for a governor controller or AVR.
The CANBUS DRIVE version connects to ECU driven electronic engines providing engine control, protection and instrumentation without extra senders. ECU alarms are displayed in text.
All versions offer a 0-10V analog output for speed or voltage control.
The fixed speed operation stops the genset precisely when batteries are fully charged, providing fuel economy and maintenance cost reductions.
The unit has precision, fully isolated measuring inputs for the battery bank voltage and the charge current. It supports both “positive to ground” and “negative to ground” installations. The current is measured through a DC current shunt placed in positive or negative output of the genset.
The genset starting is based on the precisely measured DC battery bank voltage. Once started, the controller will perform an optimal battery charging cycle and will stop the genset when batteries are fully charged. The optimal charge algorithm allows maximum battery life and minimal engine run time and fuel consumption.
During the charge cycle, the unit controls the engine rpm (or excitation) in order to apply the exact required DC voltage and current to batteries. The rpm control over CANBUS-J1939 is available for electronic engines.
The unit offers a PT100 type, battery temperature sensor input. If used, the temperature protection will allow longer battery life in hot environment and faster charge in cold conditions.
The controller is able to read the engine speed from charge alternator or MPU pulses.
The unit supports both single genset standby and dual genset mutual standby operations.
The unit is able to initiate modem calls and send SMS messages in fault conditions through external modem.
The unit provides a comprehensive set of programmable parameters. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons.
The unit provides Modbus protocol, which is available through both RS-232 and modem connections.

•    Compatible with 12V, 24V and 48V DC systems
•    DC power drive output (7A-DC)
•    ECU connection through J1939 CAN option
•    0-10V analog control output
•    Isolated Volt - Amp measurements
•    Battery temperature input for PT100 sensor
•    Optimal charging, provides longer battery life
•    Temperature dependent battery charging
•    Thermal protection, short circuit protection
•    Dual genset mutual standby operation
•    100 event logs with time stamp and measurements
•    Battery backed-up real time clock
•    Built in daily / weekly / monthly exerciser
•    Field adjustable parameters
•    RS-232 serial port
•    Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW
•    GSM and PSTN modem support
•    GSM SMS message sending on fault
•    MODBUS communications
•    Multiple language support
•    Customer logo display capability

DC Supply Range: 9.0 to 33.0 V-DC
Maximum Operating Current: 250 mA-DC (outputs open)
Load Contactor Relay Output: 16 A / 250V-AC / 28V-DC
DC Outputs: 1A @ 28V protected semiconductor outputs
Charge excitation: min 2 Watts
Analog Output: 0-10V-DC/1K-ohms (max load 10K-ohms)
Analog Sender input range: 0-5000 ohms.
Battery Temp. Input: standard PT100 sensor
Magnetic pickup input:: 1.0 – 100 VAC-RMS
Magnetic pickup frequency: 10 KHz max.
Genset voltage: 0 to 70V-DC
Battery bank voltage: 0 to 70V-DC
Current input: from DC shunt, 60mV at rated current
Actuator Output Voltage: 0 to 12/24V
Actuator Drive: 7A-DC max, current limited, thermally protected.
Serial port: RS-232, 9600 bauds, no parity, 1 bit stop
Operating temp.: -20C (-4F) to 70 C (158F).
Storage temp.: -40C (-40F) to 80 C (176F).
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing.
Dimensions: 172 x 134 x 76 mm (WxHxD)
Panel Cut-out Dimensions: 151x111 mm minimum.
Weight: 450 g (approx.)
Case Material: High Temperature ABS/PC (UL94-V0)
IP Protection: IP65 from front panel, IP30 from the rear
CE Conformity reference standards:
EN 61010 (safety requirements)
EN 61326 (EMC requirements)


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive