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DATAKOM DKG-557 Manual and Remote Start Controller with J1939

* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive

The DKG-557 is a comprehensive generator control unit designed to start and stop the generating set both manually and remotely. The manual control is made using the pushbuttons on the front panel. The remote control is made via the REMOTE START input signal.
The unit can connect to ECU controlled electronic engines through its standard J1939 CANBUS port providing engine control, protection and instrumentation without extra senders.
The ECU alarms are displayed in text.
In AUTOMATIC position, DKG-557 monitors the REMOTE START signal and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generating set. Once the generator is running, it  monitors internal protections and external fault inputs.
If a fault condition occurs, the unit shuts down the engine automatically and indicates the failure source with the corresponding red led lamp and text.
The operation of the unit is controlled with front panel pushbuttons. The LOAD TEST, TEST, AUTO, OFF and MANUAL pushbuttons select the operating mode. Other buttons select the display parameter scroll, alarm mute and lamp test functions.
The DKG-557 provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations, operating sequences and engine types. The unauthorized access to program parameters is prevented by the program lock input. All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.
The fault conditions are considered in 3 categories as Warnings, Loaddumps and Shutdown Alarms. Measured values have separate programmable limits for warning and shutdown conditions.
The unit is able to initiate modem calls and sending SMS messages in fault conditions.
Last 200 faults are stored in the event log file. The event log includes not only the date-time information, but also a comprehensive list of measured genset parameters at the time that the fault has occurred.
The service request indicator lamp turns on at the expiration of either engine hours or time limits.
It is possible to monitor and control the operation of the system locally or remotely with the WINDOWS based RAINBOW program.
The unit supports MODBUS protocol enabling communication with PLCs and building management systems. The MODBUS protocol is also supported through GSM and PSTN modems.
The unit is designed for front panel mounting. Connections are made with 2 part plug and socket connectors.

•    True RMS measurements
•    Both manual and remote starting and stopping
•    ECU control and monitoring through J1939 CAN
•    Various engine brands and models available
•    Engine control
•    Gas engine support
•    Engine idle speed control
•    Generator protection
•    Built in alarms and warnings
•    Remote Start operation available
•    Periodic maintenance request indicator
•    Built in daily / weekly / monthly exerciser
•    Event logging with time stamp and measurements
•    Statistical counters
•    Battery backed-up real time clock
•    Weekly operation schedule programs
•    Provision for dual genset operation
•    Load shedding, dummy load
•    Field adjustable parameters
•    RS-232 serial port
•    Software downloadable from serial port
•    Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:
        -local and modem connection
        -monitoring, download of parameters
        -modem networking
•    GSM and PSTN modem support
•    GSM SMS message sending on fault
•    MODBUS communications
•    Blue colour graphic LCD display (128x64 pixels)
•    User friendly graphic indicators
•    Dual language support
•    Customer logo display capability
•    Protected semiconductor digital outputs
•    Configurable analogue inputs: 3
•    Configurable digital inputs: 8
•    Configurable relay outputs: 2
•    Total relay outputs: 5
•    I/O expansion capability
•    Survives cranking dropouts
•    Sealed front panel
•    Plug-in connection system for easy replacement


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive