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DATAKOM BC-10A-D Smart Batt. Charger, with display, 4-stage, reverse prot.,high eff.,

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BC-10A chargers are designed in high efficiency, forward 100 kHz switchmode technology. Thanks to their smart charging algorithm, they charge batteries faster than conventional chargers.

Fast charging is achieved by maintaining the highest possible charging voltage at battery terminals and resuming to the float charge voltage when the battery is fully charged.

The regenerative charging algorithm extends battery life by applying periodic regenerative charging cycles.
Chargers offer automatic battery voltage detection. Thus the same unit operates as 12V or 24V without the need of a manual selection, removing human errors.

The charger continuously measures its internally its output voltage. If the voltage is below 18V, it operates in 12V mode. If the voltage is above 18V then it operates in 24V mode. If no battery is connected then it will operate in 12V mode.

BC-10A charges both lead-acid and Nickel-Cadmium batteries. It is specially designed for permanent connection to genset starter batteries and does not require disconnection during cranking. Thanks to its continuous DC outputs, it may also be used in a wide range of industrial applications where DC power is required.

• 100 kHz forward switchmode architecture
• High efficieny > 91.0%
• Life extending regenerative charging feature
• Automatic output voltage selection: 12/24V
• Microprocessor controlled
• Easy to use, DIP switch selections
• Selectable two, three or four stage charging
• Supports lead-acid and NiCd batteries
• Analog current reading output (0-10V)
• Output voltage and current display (optional)
• Rectifier fail output
• Boost charge input
• Overload and short circuit protected
• Wide operating temperature range
• Thermal protection
• Low output ripple
• Low line and load regulation
• Wide operating voltage range
• Small dimensions
• Low weight
• Rugged design for industrial environments


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive