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DATAKOM SSC-50 Solid State Contactor

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The Datakom SSC series are solid state switches for capacitor banks and inductive reactors used in power factor compensation systems.
The SSC-50 has 2 switching elements of 73A current carrying capacity.
These devices turn-on at zero voltage difference and turn-off at zero current without any disturbing inrush currents. They are the most convenient solutions for the compensation of electrical noise sensitive or fast varying reactive loads, in the range of 0.05 to 10 seconds.
Static switches offer important advantages compared to electromechanic contactors. These are silent operation, fast switching, unlimited switching life and electrically noiseless operation.
Thanks to integrated protection functions, devices are protected against overload and high temperature failures.
The fan turns on only when necessary, providing longer life and energy efficiency.

• Compact design
• 50kVAr continuous power
• 73A continuous current
• Fast switching: 20ms max.
• Capacitor and inductive reactor driving
• Zero Voltage Turn-on
• Zero current turn off
• Zero Voltage Turn-on
• Zero current turn off
• Electrically noiseless operation
• Silent operation
• Protects capacitor life
• Air cooling
• High I²T / A²S
• High di/dt
• Over voltage rating : 1600 V peak
• Overload capacity 1.5 In during 1 min
• Led switching indicators
• Designed for 230/400V networks
• Unlimited switching life
• Maintenance free


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive