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DATAKOM DKM-0208 Alarm Annunciator, 8ch, Power Supply/Fault input voltage: 88-400VDC, 85-270VAC

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DATAKOM DKM-0208 Alarm Annunciator, 8ch, AC power supply

The DATAKOM DKM-0208 is an 8 channel, 96x96mm alarm annunciator, designed to be used in energy and automation systems. Optically isolated digital inputs are equipped with noise cancelling filters and are capable of operating smoothly in high electrical noise environments. The detection delay of inputs are adjustable between 2 and 500ms. The module features 3 relay outputs rated at 5Amp. Relays provide Horn, Bell and Internal Failure functions. An additional buzzer is provided inside the unit for audible alarms. The unit features ultra-bright, bicolor (red-green) led indicators. Alarms may be assigned to different priority levels in order to reduce confusion.

Using front panel pushbuttons, alarms may be  acknowledged and reset, the unit tested. The configuration of the module is performed with jumpers placed on the back panel. Additional programming may be performed from the front panel or through programming software. The isolated RS-485 MODBUS RTU communication port is free from ground potential differences and allows safe transfer of measured parameters to automation and monitoring systems. It is possible to monitor the module and keep records with Datakom  Rainbow+ software. The supply input is isolated from other terminals. The module has two supply versions  being 19150V-DC or 85-305V-AC (88-400V-DC).

FAST FLASH: at the first detection of the fault.
SLOW FLASH: activated when the ACK (alarm acknowledge) pushbutton is pressed and if the fault signal is still active.
STEADY ON: activated if the fault signal disappears at SLOW FLASH condition.
LED OFF: the alarm led turns off when RESET pushbutton is pressed and fault signal is not present.

Supply input: 19-150VDC
    (optional 88-400VDC, 85-270VAC)
Power Consumption: < 4 VA
Fault Inputs: 8 opto-isolated inputs, with
    positive inputs and common negative
    terminal, protected against high voltage
    and electrical noise.
Input Impedance: 40K-ohms (opt. 130K-ohms)
Input Current: max. 3mA @ 110VDC
Surge Protection: 1000V / 50us
Isolation: 1000VAC, 1 minute
Filter Delay: 2-5-10-20-50-100-200-500ms selectable
Visual Warnings: 10 ultra-bright and bicolor leds (red-green).
Audible Warning: Internal 23mm buzzer, 80dB
Relay Outputs: 3 outputs, 5A @ 250V AC
Serial Port:
Signal Type: RS-485
Protocol: Modbus RTU
Data Rate: 9600-19200baud
Isolation: 1000V AC, 1 minute
Operating Temp. Range: -20°C...+70 °C
Storage Temp. Range: -40°C...+85 °C
Max. Relative Humidity: %95 non-condensing.
Protection Degree: IP 65 (Front, with gasket)
                IP 30 (Back panel)
Enclosure: Flame retardant, ROHS compliant,
high temperature ABS/PC (UL94-V0)
Installation: Flush mount with rear retaining plastic brackets.
Connectors: Two part connection system.
Cable Section: max. 2.5mm2
Dimensions: 102x102x53mm (WxHxD)
Panel Cutout: 92x92mm
Weight: 200 gr

EU Directives:
2006/95/EC (LVD)
2004/108/EC (EMC)

Reference Standards:
EN 61010 (safety)
EN 61326 (EMC)


* All prices are retail and VAT exclusive